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Moonbeam's "Garden Enchanted" (CU)


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"Moonbeam's Garden Enchanted" is a unique digitally painted collection inspired by one-stroke flower and mural painting.The package is created with colorful flowers and leaves, bee, beetle, butterfly and a green dragonfly. Subtle glow added to the elements in the collection gives an enchanted feel and this package can be used for your Fairy rendition amongst other things.

A selection of pre-made backgrounds, quickpages, tags, standalone vignettes, frame and co-ordinating papers are included. The elements in the package can be used to create derivative designs for commercial and personal projects, as outlined in my TOU, but may not be used to create another merchant resource which competes with the original product.

Background 1.png    (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 2.png    (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 3.png    (2500 x 2500 px.)
Background 4.png    (2500 x 2500 px.)

Quickpage 1.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)
Quickpage 2.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)

Paper 1.jpg        (3600 x 3600 px.)
Paper 2.jpg        (3600 x 3600 px.)
Paper 3.jpg        (3600 x 3600 px.)
Paper 4.jpg        (3600 x 3600 px.)

Frame 1.png        (2128 x 2479 px.)

Tag 1.png        (1958 x 2246 px.)
Tag 2.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)

Vignette 1.png        (1640 x 2228 px.)
Vignette 2.png        (1612 x 1417 px.)
Vignette 3.png        (2084 x 1038 px.)
Vignette 4.png        (2024 x 1379 px.)
Vignette 5.png        (2500 x 2500 px.)