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Bling! Mini Birthstones Kit w_PS Styles-Garnet-January (CU4CU)

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--A MINI Birthstones Kit for January Birthdays & Garnet Lovers--

--A Set of 10 Faceted Precious Gemstone Patterned Layer Styles for Photoshop 7 & Above and PS Elements 7 & Above
--A Gold & Garnet Encrusted Month of January Word Art Text Element
--A Gold & Garnet Filled Heart Charm Element

 --Now you can celebrate and accentuate your creative designs for January birthdays with this lovely Gold & Garnets Mini Birthstones Kit!

 --Create beautiful faceted precious gemstone elements, alphas, frames, charms, text, clothing trims and jewelry with just "one click" of these new semi-precious faceted layer styles and elements! This mini birthstones set is perfect for designing calendars, greeting cards, birthday scrapbooking pages or web pages, mugs for January babies and friends-and was tested for Photoshop 7 & Up. The coordinating gold & garnet elements included will make creating new designs for the January baby in your life fun, fast and easy!

 --Those of you who know me personally, realize how obsessed I can be with digital gemstones and bling! I worked on these realistic faceted gem styles a very long time to try and achieve as close to a "one-click" easy and fast way for you to create digital gems and jewelry that look as real as I could possibly make them. (and still have them be adjustable) I am very pleased with the result-and I hope you will be too.

 --Please feel free (and encouraged) to open them up and re-scale the gemstone patterns both up & down...depending of course on the shape and size of the gem or jewel you will be creating. I found that I needed to re-scale almost every time, since the gemstone sizes and shapes that I might be working on were so often varied. I tried to stay 'middle of the road' with the pattern and faceted bevel sizes-leaving the rest up to you-so that you can get the maximum use out of these beauties. You will find quick instructions for how to rescale these layer styles inside the enclosed "ReadMe" text file. Once you understand how to open up and make slight adjustments to your layer styles, you are going to find that you just can't live without them!

 What you get:
--10 Faceted Semi-Precious Gem Layer styles created with patterns at 300dpi for Photoshop 7 & Above and PS Elements and Above
[Some of the styles have shadows and some don't, so please remove or add drop shadows according to your own taste and what you happen to be working with or designing at the time]
--A Gold & Garnet Encrusted Month of January Word Art Text Element: 1800x800 pixels-png format-300dpi
--A Gold & Garnet Filled Charm Element: 600x600 pixels-png format-300dpi